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The best calendar apps for iPhone and Android (2016)

Everyone needs a calendar, but finding the one that's right for you can take a lot of looking around. Subscribe: So let us do the work for you, as we look through the...

My Work Schedule Android App Review

I keep my rota on a Google Calendar, but it's quite a pain inputting each shift, especially as there's only three different shifts. This app lets me enter my rota for the week in a matter or seconds.

Виджет календари для Android Work Calendar App Review for 'WorkTime Work Schedule


My Hours 2 0 App Review and Demo

The MyHours 2.0 app is a productivity work hour tracker that allows you to keep track of your work schedule and work pay. The MyHours 2.0 app gives you the ability to clock in and out of your...

Shift App - Shifty Android Work Calendar by Applicache

Get free fersion for Androdi: Get premium version for Android:

Voice Calendar Android App

VOICE CALENDAR ANDROID APP Insert appointments directly into the calendar quickly and easily with voice This application allows users to insert appointments directly into the calendar system...

The best calendar app for iPhone

Choosing a calendar app can be tough. Ellis Hamburger is here to walk you through your best options, including the best calendar app for most people, Sunrise:

ShiftMiner Android application

ShiftMiner - the best way to track your shift work on Android!

Ignite App for Android helps you schedule and plan get-togethers & meetups

Ignite is the fastest way to discover and plan get-togethers, meetups, gatherings with friends and social groups. Available for Android at and for iPhone at

How to transfer or sync your calendar from iPhone to Android

It's tough to keep two different calendars on two different phones running two different mobile operating systems. If you have an iPhone and you want to transfer your calendar data to your...

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